Multistep Enzymatic Hydrolysis Technology


Non-GMO soybean with protein content over 50%


Natural Plant Biostimulant


Organic Fertilizer

Encourage the growth! 

Handary is a natural biology specialist in shelf-life of food and agriculture nutrition by providing consumer- friendly biological solution. In China , Handary presents its premium natural plant bio-stimulants including Enzymatic seaweed oligose , Enzymatic seaweed polysaccharide , Enzymatic soybean oligopeptide , Enzymatic soybean polypeptide , Enzymatic Fir extract , Enzymatic Salmon oligopeptide. We use natural raw materials and advanced Belgian biological enzymatic hydrolysis or fermentation technology to refine and provide leading water-soluble fertilizer raw materials for agricultural fertilizer partners. Being safe for crops and friendly to the environment , all the products have the excellent characteristics and functions of plant biological stimulants including various of L-amino acids, oligopeptides, enzymes, trace elements, vitamins and fully meet the production needs of organic cultivation and traditional agriculture.


Vision                                                          Mission                                                        Approach                                                    Principle

To become the preferred brand in the health                    Using biotechnology to make human life simpler              Using innovative biotechnology to continuously                Always adhere to innolative researth and 
area.                                                                                  and hearthier.                                                                    demand.                                                                             development and adopt sustainable natural
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               raw materials and processes.